Professional metal polishing services across the West Midlands

Metal Polishing in Tipton & Dudley

Metal comes in all shapes, sizes and types, meaning it can often be tricky to find the company best suited for your needs. Here at Clear Polishing and Plating and Quick Refurb, we use only high-end specialist equipment, allowing us to offer quality metal polishing services.
Our metal polishing services can restore the appearance of a vehicle, rejuvenating metal components, including aluminium alloys and chrome trims, to improve aesthetic appearance and functionality.
Since 1998, we have been providing quality services to commercial and domestic customers at competitive prices throughout Dudley, Tipton and the surrounding West Midlands region.
If you have any metal items that need a polish, get in touch with the team here at Clear Polishing and Plating and Quick Refurb for a free quote.

Benefits of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a popular option for vehicle owners as it offers a range of great benefits, including:
Improve appearance
Metal polishing helps remove oxidation, a common cause of corrosion on surfaces exposed to the elements, ensuring a cleaner, smoother appearance
Easier to clean
Cleaning is much more straightforward as tough dirt can often be wiped away with ease
Metal polishing allows for the creation of custom finishes, providing a range of personalisation options for the vehicle
Increase resale value
Looking to sell your vehicle? A polished exterior can make it much more appealing to potential buyers

Why Choose Clear Polishing and Plating and Quick Refurb?

Here at Clear Polishing and Plating and Quick Refurb, our customers choose our professional services for several reasons:

Local specialists

Based in Tipton, we provide our metal polishing services to clients throughout the West Midlands

Quality tools and equipment

We work with a range of modern tools and equipment to perform our services to the very highest level

Highly experienced

As a business, we have over 25 years of experience within our industry

Competitive costs

All of our services are offered at affordable prices while still being performed to the highest standards

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